November 16, 2019 (10:00am to 6:00pm) – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

America’s Economy is Absolutely Explosive…Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Must Take Advantage of this Opportunity to Make More Money than Ever Before!

This Event will be all about Growing Your Business, Supporting Other Local Conservative Business Owners, and Living the American Dream!

Plus You’ll Enjoy a Full Day of Learning on How You can Maximize Capitalism in America and Make More Money than Ever Before in Trump’s Booming Economy!

Truthfully, think to yourself…

How Many Times have You been Dissatisfied and Frustrated with Trade Shows?

You pay your hard earned money to get in the door and then just walk around aimlessly visiting vendors that don’t even look up from their phones as you grab some junk promo products off their table that you’ll never use.

You leave saying…

“I went to learn about local businesses and make connections, but only wasted my valuable time!”

Well, guess what?

Problem solved!

Your prayers have been answered!

Here’s how…

Imagine being greeted at the door of this event and receiving your swag bag loaded with some patriotic goodies. As you walk into a room with like-minded, energetic Conservative business owners and entrepreneurs that are excited to see you and share their businesses with you.

You instantly feel it…

That emotion that you feel when you walk into a stadium or Trump rally…Excitement about what’s to come!

As you move through the crowd, you meet other South Florida Patriots that love America, and you quickly realize that you are in the right place at the right time.

You instantly start making connections with people that you actually enjoy being around, because you share the same Conservative values.

Your experience at the Ultimate All-Inclusive Business Networking Tradeshow and Lead Generating Expo will be like no other…Guaranteed!

WARNING – What You are About to Read will Make You Reserve Your Event Ticket and Possibly be an Event Exhibitor

The Top *7* Reasons Why You Should Attend the Ultimate All-Inclusive Business Networking Trade Show and Lead Generating Expo

  1. Support local Conservative Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  2. Meet and network with other South Florida Patriots who love America
  3. Take advantage of the opportunity to Mastermind with Inventors, Innovators Disrupters, and Visionaries from every age group and background
  4. Surround yourself with like-minded people that share your Conservative values
  5. Gain a full and confident understanding of why we must stand up for Capitalism and how to stand against socialism
  6. Attend breakout sessions – it will be a full day of Focused Learning that will bring value to your life and add to the bottom-line of your business. (see more below)
  7. Now it gets even better for you…

It’s time to shop until you drop…Hanukkah and Christmas are right around the corner! Our exhibitors will have plenty of quality products and services for you to choose from!

Breakout Sessions

Let’s be clear…

Our Breakout Sessions won’t be anything like you’ve experienced before at so-called trade shows and expos – no boring speakers, questionable content, or someone begging you to buy a product you don’t need!

You’ll hear from a variety of Conservative Business Leaders and Speakers on a wide array of topics including how to …

  • Create value that exceeds price and never have to lower your prices again!
  • Present like a Top Sales and Closing Professional and keep your customers’ attention absolutely GLUED to you and what you are saying
  • Finally stop fear, procrastination, and doubt from blocking your Next Level in your life and business.
  • Ensure your clients are 100% satisfied with your business, and they will become Raving Reviews for you
  • Use a *3* word phrase to create marketing that instantly Captures Attention and Builds Massive Trust with your customers
  • Overcome health struggles that you’ve battled for years and live your Healthiest Life ever
  • Implement Strategic Systems in every area of your life (physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial) to achieve Monumental Success
  • Implement the Top *3* Customer Service Secrets of highly-profitable companies like the Ritz-Carlton, Amazon, and Airbnb
  • Protect Yourself and Your Family from the lengthy probate process and vicious legal battles
  • Build a rock-solid Foundation of Confidence that is absolutely unshakeable no matter the adversity you face
  • Write and publish a book without overwhelming publishing fees or long wait times
  • Generate qualified Leads for Your Business – no cold calling or lead lists!
  • Gain the Courage through Confidence to make Controversial Changes that you never dreamed of making in your life or business to achieve Record-Breaking Results
  • Plus so much more life-changing wisdom that will be shared from Conservative speakers and business leaders!

Special Presentation by John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme is the founder of the Conservative Business Journal and was recently featured on Fox Business News, i24 News, WND (WorldNetDaily), and LifeZette for his expertise on the current economy, business trends, and marketing strategies. John will deliver a Special Presentation on Making Capitalism Great Again.


ONLY *50* Exhibitor Available – Interested Keep Reading…

Calling All Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that Support Capitalism, Believe the American Dream is Still Possible, and want to Maximize America’s Booming Economy…

Showcase Your Business, Product, or Service at the Ultimate All-Inclusive Business Networking Trade Show and Lead Generating Expo

Your Exclusive Exhibitor Package includes *6* Tremendously Valuable Benefits…

  • Benefit #1: A six foot table to Share and Market your Business throughout the entire event with a captive audience in the same room
  • Benefit #2: Marketing promotional piece will be included in the Goodie Bag for attendees featuring your business details and contact information
  • Benefit #3: Your business information will shared on a wide array of social media platforms before, during, and after the event
  • Benefit #4: Your business will be featured as an Exhibitor in an exclusive email sent out to all Conservative Business Journal subscribers and attendees from previous events hosted by John Di Lemme
  • Benefit #5: Your business will be included in featured post on the Conservative Business Journal that will be viewed by Conservative Business Journal subscribers. You will also be able to share the link to use in your Business Marketing Promotions.
  • Benefit #6: Be one of ONLY *50* Exhibitors at this phenomenal event and gain MASSIVE Exposure for your business

All *50* Booths will be Spoken for Very Quickly!
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